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About Us

Embrace the emotion

"Grand Audio System (GAS), established in 2010, has carved its niche alongside discerning music enthusiasts worldwide. With an unwavering commitment and passion to elevating the audio experience, Grand Audio seamlessly blends effective management with unparalleled service.

Built upon a foundation of high-end audio products and extensive sales expertise, Grand Audio continuously enhances the musical journey for enthusiasts globally. Based in China, Grand Audio operates across diverse sectors, including hi-end brand distribution/retail.

Proudly representing renowned brands such as Metrum Acoustics, Telegartner Japan, Jcat, Uptone, Bertram, Bocchino, Boenicke, NAT, Elrod Power Systems, Kuro Ultimate Cables, Lessloss audio cable, and more, we also offer custom room model and system analysis, as well as listening room design services. We extend a cordial invitation to explore our realm of audio excellence firsthand.

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